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Children & Adults

Both the children and adult programs operate on a three level system: Basic Program, Black Belt Club & Leadership Program.

Basic Program

The Basic Program is for all beginners. It incorporates the fundamentals of martial arts, as well as life skills. The program consists of 2 classes each week lasting 45 minutes each.

Black Belt Club

Upon completion of the Basic Program, students progress into the Black Belt Club which expands on the skills already learned in the Basic Program. Students in this program begin learning to spar and use weapons. They have access to 2 classes per week, each 1 hour. They are also eligible to attend one additional extra curriculum training per month. 

Master's Club

The Leadership Program is designed to build leaders and identify future instructors. Students in this program have unlimited access to all classes taught at The Center (excludes special seminars) as well as a leadership training class each week. In this program, students begin to exercise the mental portion of martial arts training and perfect their physical skills. This program is the pool from which future instructors are chosen.

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